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The new Guidelines regarding Mooring Equipment issued by OCIMF in summer 2018 under the title MEG 4 (Mooring Equipment Guidelines Fourth Edition). This a complete new and revised edition compared with MEG3. Detail instructions and guidance cover all aspects of mooring arrangements’ (permanent or not), equipment design, load calculations, selection – inspection-maintenance-retirement of lines and operational issues for mooring. The new guidelines require each vessel to have an adequate Mooring System Management Plan and a Line Management Plan

Mooring System Management Plan

The scope of MSMP is to help operators ensure the mooring system is inspected, maintained and operated, in accordance with the original design basis. The MSMP along with the required Mooring System Management Plan Register is to accompany vessel throughout all her operational lifecycle. The MSMP is to be cover the following items:

  •  Mooring Equipment design philosophy
  •  List of mooring equipment
  •  Inspection Maintenance and retirement strategies
  •  Risk & Change Management
  •  Records and documentation
  •  Mooring System Management Plan Register
  • Mooring System Management Plan Register

This part is to provide details on the records that should be retained by the ship throughout hers lifecycle from original design to disposal. It should be maintained as an accurate and up to date record and available for inspection. Any amendments should be undertaken with minimal delay. The register may be part of MSMP or to be a standalone file for easy reference.

Line Management Plan

The scope of Line Management plan is to manage the operation and retirement of mooring lines and tails. It should include the retirement criteria along with assumptions and evaluation methods. The Line Management Plan is specific to an operator, ship type and should include:

  • Records of mooring hours
  • Line inspection records
  • Retirement criteria
  • Test reports
  • Manufacturer’s guidance and recommendations

Actions required

Ship managers should issue the required plans as per OCIMF requirements, including all available information and records. The Plans are to be used on board for crew reference and may be subject to review and inspection by vetting auditors.

Each vessel should have her own plan and register as it is strictly vessel specific. The plan are to be kept updated and all maintenance /changes and modifications to be included.

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SQEMARINE has developed a combined Mooring System & Lines Management Plan for clients in order to address the requirements of OCIMF. It includes both MSMP and LMP required info for simplicity. The Mooring System Management Plan Register is also included as a part of the plan.

The plan includes all required information and guidance as per OCIMF MEG 4 and is based on the information provided by managing Company through a detailed Questionnaire.