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Medical Record Book

A supportive Booklet for recording the list of medicines kept on board and the related records

Regulatory Reference: ILO MLC, ISM Code

Regulatory Reference


This Record Book is to be provided onboard in line with the ISM Code and ILO MLC Code Requirements. This is a GENERIC Record Book developed in line with IMO/ILO Guidelines and common marine practice. This record book is NOT subject to approval, however it may be subject to inspection by ALL third parties inspecting the vessel.

Indicative Contents

  • Guidance
  • Medical Chest Certificate
  • Directive 92/29eec
  • Medical Destruction Forμ
  • Narcotics List Declaration
  • Medical Report
  • Pharmaceutical Items Inventory
  • Pharmaceutical Consumption Log
  • Spare Forms

Info/Plans Required

  • Ship Specific Information (Questionnaire to be submitted)


  • Master will have a guidance with respect to medical requirements on board
  • Detailed instructions and responsibilities
  • Updated with latest requirements and legislation
  • Easy record keeping and medical log
  • Already inspected by most MoU’s PSC Officers / inspector surveyors

We will ensure

  • Full compliance with national and international regulations and common marine practice
  • Real life documentation addressed to senior officers and crew onboard
  • Full integration of any client specific requirements
  • Full support provided after development in line with our Document Support Policy


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