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As IMO’s MEPC 70 agreed that the effective date for implementation of 0.50% m/m sulfur globally will be the 1st January 2020, time is running faster for this global sulfur cap implementation.

Operator should take several steps ahead in order to address the issue and solutions are already available in the market.

There are four available solutions:

  • The use of fuel with less than 0.5% fuel
  • The implementation of scrubbers to reduce the sulfur in emissions
  • The use of other fuel such as LNG
  • The use of other new developed fuels

All the above solutions have their cons and proms in respect of time table, cost and availability.

Taking into consideration that greater number of applicable vessels will use the option 1, IMO issued the circular MEPC.1/Circ. 878 with Guidance on development of a Ship Implementation Plan for consistent implementation of the 0.50% sulfur limit under MARPOL Annex VI.

Ship operators should schedule for each of their managed vessels a compliance plan in order to achieve compliance prior of 31st of December 2019 in respect of % content in emissions.

There is proposed structure of the plan which includes:

  • Risk Assessment and mitigation plan
  • Modifications required
  • Change over plan
  • Documentation and reporting requirements

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SQEMARINE can provide guidance and a vessel specific implementation plan based on Managing Company’s requirements and schedule combined with vessel specific installation and systems.