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Support service to provide guidance and preparation for vessel audit. Audits on can be conducted on behalf of client as per industry's best practices

Regulatory Reference: Best ndustry practices, ISM Code, ISPS Code, MLC, TMSA


SQE Marine provides consultancy and support for audit preparation or execute audit on behalf of the Company.


The following audits may conducted by SQE Marine Experts:
1. SMS Audit
2. ISPS Audit
3. MLC Audit
4. Cargo Audit
5. Mooring and anchoring audit
6. Engine Audit
7. Navigational Audit

A training and familiarization session to be conducted by SQE marine personnel to crew regarding the requirements, the compliance status and the audit results.

An action plan for rectification of finding to be provided.

Support and Attendance may be provided during 3rd party’s audit.

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