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Environmental Manual

Regulatory Reference: ISO 50001

Regulatory Reference

Environmental Manual is being developed in accordance with ISO 14001:2015 Standard. This manual should be kept updated in office in order to provide guidance and compliance with the Environmental Standard. A copy should be delivered onboard in order each Master to contribute in Environmental programs and targets as required.

Indicative Contents

  1. Environmental Procedures
    • Environmental Management System (Ems)
    • Responsibilities, Competence & Leadership
    • Ems Aspects, Legal & Other Requirements
    • Ems Objectives, Targets & Programs
    • Operation
    • Bunkering & Fuel Management
    • Oil Record Book
    • Garbage Management
    • Ballast Management
    • Chemicals, Gases, Paints & Lubricants Management
    • Energy Management
    • Air Pollution Control (Marpol Annex Vi)
    • Minor Vessel Effluents Control
    • Ems Record Keeping
    • Ems Monitoring, Audit & Review
  2. Environmental Impact Assessment
    • Environmental Impact Assessment
  3. Environmental Management Programs
    • Environmental Management Programs
  4. Environmental Posters
    • Environmental Management Policy
    • Office Environmental Targets
    • Shipboard environmental targets
    • Fuel oil – Low sulphur requirements
    • Waste stream operational controls
    • Environmental compliance monitoring & reporting policy
    • ECP open reporting system policy
    • Machinery space bilge water management
    • Operation of oily water separator
    • Direct bilge suctions and emergency bilge suctions
    • Sludge and waste oil management
    • Drawings, manuals and layout
    • Sewage Management
    • Ballast Water Management
    • Air pollution prevention
    • Paint store guidelines
    • Control of flexible hoses & portable pumps
    • OWS equipment failure reporting requirements
    • Sewage treatment equipment failure & reporting requirements
    • Hazardous Waste Management
    • Recycling Waste Management
    • Cargo residues & hold washing water management
    • Standard list of locked seals valves
  5. Environmental Forms
    • ECA Fuel change over checklist
    • Bunkering plan
    • Bunkering checklist
    • Sulphur content monitoring log
    • Environmental audit report
    • Ballast Management Familiarization checklist
    • VGP training report
    • Garbage Management Familiarization checklist
    • Fuel oil Management Familiarization checklist
    • Environmental compliance report
    • Environmental compliance plan familiarization checklist
    • Cooking oil record
    • Incinerator working record
    • Oily wastes tanks sounding log
    • Stern tube sounding log
    • Waste oil incinerator checklist
    • Sewage treatment plant checklist
    • Oily water separator & bilge alarm checklist
    • Open reporting system anonymous form
    • Vessel sludge & bilge water calculation report
    • Environmental compliance plan checklists
  6. Environmental Compliance Matrices
    • Environmental compliance plan Matrix
    • ISO 14001:2015 compliance Matrix

Manual Sample

Note: Above is a SAMPLE only. Final documentation will incorporate Client Logo and Ship name and will be tailored to exact client needs.

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