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SOLAS Safety Training Manual

A manual to provide guidance and operational use of Safety Equipment on board

Regulatory Reference: LSA code, SOLAS Chapter III Reg. 35

Regulatory Reference


SOLAS Chapter III requires that all ships should be provided with a SOLAS Training Manual / Safety Training Manual detailing all training on the safety aspects of the ship. Scope of this plan is to provide guidance on the use of all the lifesaving appliances onboard. Plan is developed in line with IMO Requirements and common marine practice. Approval by the Administration or a Recognised Organisation (RO) on behalf of the Administration is NOT mandatory, however manual is always subject to PSC inspection.

Indicative contents

  • SOLAS Requirements
  • Personal Life Saving Equipment
  • Muster List and Emergency Instructions
  • Life Boats and Rescue Boats
  • Survival Equipment
  • Exposure Hazards
  • Use of Survival Craft
  • Methods of Retrieval
  • Emergency Repair of Life Saving Appliances
  • Safety Equipment Inventory

Info/Plans Required

  • Ship Specific Information (Questionnaire to be submitted)


  • Master will have a guidance with respect to SOLAS requirements for training in safety items
  • Procedures as per vessel specific arrangements
  • Detailed instructions for every step of training
  • Updated with latest requirements and legislation
  • Already inspected by most MoU’s PSC Officers and inspector surveyors

We will Ensure

  • Full compliance with national and international regulations and common marine practice
  • Real life documentation addressed to senior officers and crew onboard
  • Full integration of any client specific requirements
  • Full support provided after development in line with our Document Support Policy

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