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Ship Manuals

Several Regulations require specific documentation to be placed and staff members to be familiarized with the requirements to ensure operational readiness.

With that in mind, we will ensure:

  • Full compliance with national & international legislation
  • SMS simplification and incorporation of best marine practice
  • Real life documentation for staff members
  • Full integration of any client specific requirements
  • Full support after development
Ship Manuals for:
All SubcategoriesAll Vessel TypesAll Regulatory ReferencesAll Approvals
Ballast Water Management PlanShip Specific675€
Cargo Securing ManualShip Specific675€
COVID-19 Outbreak Management PlanOther Manuals675€
Drills Training ManualTraining Manuals225€
ECDIS Management ManualOther Manuals675€
Emergency Towing Booklet (ETB)Ship Specific180€
Energy Efficiency Training ManualTraining Manuals225€
EPA VGP Training ManualTraining Manuals225€
Fuel Oil Management ManualShip Specific225€
Garbage Management PlanShip Specific225€
Hardening PlanShip Specific225€
MLC Training ManualTraining Manuals225€
Mooring Lines Management PlanShip Specific675€
Mooring System & Lines Management PlanShip Specific675€
MRV Monitoring PlanShip Specific315€
Panama Canal SOPEPShip Specific180€
Persons Recovery from Water ManualShip Specific225€
POLAR Contingency PlanOther Manuals675€
POLAR Operations ManualOther Manuals1620€
POLAR Training ManualTraining Manuals225€
Procedures & Arrangements (P&A) ManualShip Specific450€
Risk Training ManualTraining Manuals225€
Sewage Pollution Prevention PlanShip Specific225€
Ship BioFouling Management PlanShip Specific315€
Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan Part III (SEEMP III)Ship Specific225€
Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan (SEEMP)Ship Specific225€
Ship Execution PlanShip Specific180€
Ship Implementation Plan for Sulfur ComplianceShip Specific225€
Ship Security Plan (ISPS SSP)Ship Specific675€
Ship To Ship (STS) Transfer ManualShip Specific225€
Shipboard Oily Waste Prevention PlanShip Specific225€
SMPEPShip Specific180€
SOLAS Fire Training ManualShip Specific315€
SOLAS Maintenance ManualShip Specific270€
SOLAS Safety Training ManualShip Specific315€
SOPEPShip Specific180€
USA ECP Environmental Training ManualTraining Manuals225€
USA – Vessel General Permit (VGP) ManualShip Specific180€
Vector Management PlanOther Manuals180€
Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) ManualShip Specific225€