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Management Systems Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We are doing our best to ensure that the Management systems developed and associated services provided are the very best they can possibly be. This we can control, and we work hard to make sure we exceed your expectations. A little preparation can really help ensure that you maximize the benefits of your service experience. Knowing exactly what to expect will make all our lives easier:



Q: I’m interested in a Management System Manual. Who can I speak to for more information?
A: You may find more details for the specific manual on the web dedicated webpage. Alternatively you may contact our Client Service Department via phone at +30 210 4520410 or e-mail at info [at] SQEmarine [dot] .com

Q: Prices over the internet are indicative. How can I get a better price or discount ?

A: Please fill in the Quotation Request form electronically and we will get back to you with all the necessary details within same/next business day. You do understand that all Management Systems documentation need to be tailored to exact client needs and unless we do not have the necessary information in hand we may not be able to quote time and money wise.



Q: How do I confirm an order?
A: By accepting an SQE quotation, actually by signing and returning to our office this quotation by any mean. All our business is conducted in writing.

Q: How can I pay?
A: You normally have to pay in full (free of bank charges ) prior submission of project deliverables in any format.  You can pay by credit card or bank transfer. Please check with our Client Service Department for full details.

Q: What happens if I want to cancel my order confirmation ?

A: There are several paras of our Term and Conditions that may be applicable here. Please contact our Client Service Department who will assist you further.



Q: Is the manual that I am expected to be delivered a Company Specific ?

A: YES as applicable, i.e. in line with information and instructions provided by your end.

Q: How am I going to deliver the ordered documentation ?

A: It depends on the format ordered, as follows:

  • Paper Copies are deliverable in our Front Desk, Piraeus, Greece
  • Electronic Formats (PDF and / or MS WORD) are deliverable via e-mail electronically

Q: Are the samples available on the web properly representing the manual I am expected to be delivered?

A: Yes, to the extent possible. For Example any Management System Manual may be downsized or further upgraded by tuning the amount of company or vessel type specific information to be incorporated in the manual.

Q: What Kind of Access do I Have to the Experts that are preparing the documentation ?

A: You’ve got great access! Our experts are available by phone or e-mail as usual.

Q: What are the deliverables at the end of the project ?

A: It depends on the format chosen as indicated in the product page.

Q: Are the manuals updated to the latest legislation and marine practice available?

A: YES, to the extent possible and in line with information and instructions provided by the client. Exact legislation that the manual complies with is available at the top/cover page of the respective manual and/or documentation. We are always updating the documentation as necessary and there may be further updates required to specific manuals, subject to updates issued accordingly.

Q: What is the info required from the Client side in order to develop  a management system manual ?

A: Specific Questionnaire with info required will be submitted by SQE on order confirmation on same/next business day. Normally we require info regarding the following issues (depending on documentation to be developed) :

  1. Vessel Types
  2. Flags used
  3. Shore Side / Organisational Structure / Composition
  4. Trading Areas
  5. Manning of the vessels
  6. Legislation due (national or country specific)
  7. Standards to be incorporated

Q: What is the process when you start working to develop and deliver a manual ?

A: The process will be as follows :

  1. Client confirmation for the job has been provided via fax/e-mail
  2. Questionnaire for the task assigned submitted to the client along with info required to be completed
  3. Client responds to SQE by submitting ALL information required
  4. SQE develops requested documentation and informs the client on readiness
  5. Client reviews Plan/manual to his her preferences and advises SQE accordingly
  6. SQE Finalises documentation and inform Client to collect from SQE front desk or providing instruction for a web download according to client preferences.

Q: In case of a manual approval is required what exactly is SQE’s role ?

A: In case approval is required SQE shall liaise and co-ordinate with Flag/Class or other organization as may be advised from the client. As a result full follow up of the case will be provided till final documentation approval.