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2013 EPA Vessel General Permit (VGP) Course

2013 EPA Vessel General Permit (VGP) course aims as familiarization with EPA requirements and provide guidance on how to properly implement legislation.

Regulatory Reference: EPA NPDES

USA Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has officially released the NEW 2013 VGP in effect from December 19th 2013 onwards. As a result ALL vessels calling to US Ports have to comply with the NEW Vessel General Permit (VGP) legislation having several new/additional requirements from the existing one, especially in way of Ballast, Gray Water, Problem Handling, Record Keeping, Training, Monitoring and Reporting. In addition to that several new local requirements apply in several states.

We have successfully running our UNIQUE VGP Training Course since 2008 and we have designed this 2013 EPA Vessel General Permit (VGP) refresh course especially for all those wishing to immediately get an update as follows:

Course Objectives

To familiarize all participants with EPA requirements and provide guidance on how to properly implement legislation.

Regulatory Reference

Who Should Attend

All responsible for EPA/EMS requirements implementation ashore and on board

Training Methods

Course provided by a mixture of lecture, case studies, exercises and final exam. Training Material in English, Presentation in Greek


A Certificate of Training is provided to participants on successful completion of course exam.

Course Elements

  • Experience feedback so far with the VGP
  • 2013 VGP Analysis & Requirements
  • Monitoring, Record Keeping and Training Requirements, Links with SMS/EMS
  • Training Requirements & options available
  • Non Compliance Procedures
  • Real life Implementation Issues
  • Best Practices used & Real life case studies
  • Transitional issues (NOI, Training, Documents)
  • Monitoring & Reporting

Next dates: Please consult our Training Calendar

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