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TMSA Consulting

Regulatory Reference: TMSA III - 2017 edition


SQE Marine provides consultancy on TMSA compliance for Tanker Operators and integration of the TMSA in an existing Management system.


TMSA Compliance can be achieved through the following steps:

  1. Executive and Management Overview / Planning
  2. Gap Assessment and Analysis
  3. Documentation development
  4. Implementation and Training
  5. Internal Assessment and Final Review


  1. Executive management Overview

Identification of Organization’s activities and boundaries. Determination of stakeholders, interested parties, objectives and targets, organizational structure of Organization

  1. Gap Assessment and analysis

Use the existing material provided by Client to determine the compliance status of Organization in relation with TSMA assessment requirements. Create an effective and analytic report with step by step development for overall compliance

  1. Document development

Develop all required documentation to support the Gap analysis outcome. Set Objectives and Targets, follow up the TMSA required KPIs based on Organization’s status.

  1. Implementation and Training

Provide a full revised product and introduce it to organization. Analytic training sessions for organization’s personnel in order to be familiarized with the product. Explanations and support provided during first steps of implementation

  1. Internal Assessment and Training

An internal assessment based to TMSA vetting methodology to be followed in order to verify final product. A final review to be issued to organization in order to verify compliance with standard and final recommendations to be provided. Provide support/attendance during 3rd party’s TMSA vetting

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