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Ship BioFouling Management Plan

A plan to provide management guidance for handling and disposal of sediments

Regulatory Reference: California Bio-Fouling Management Regulations for Vessels Operating in California Waters, IMO MEPC.378(80), USCG 33 CFR 151

Regulatory Reference


MEPC.378(80), USCG 33 CFR 151 & California Bio-Fouling Legislaiton, and  other coastal states (eg New Zealand, Australia etc) require that a vessel may be equipped with a Bio Fouling Management Plan. Scope of this plan is to Minimize the Transfer of Invasive Aquatic Species and provide relevant guidance. Plan is developed in line with IMO MEPC and USA Requirements. Approval by the Administration or a Recognised Organisation (RO) on behalf of the Administration is NOT mandatory, however, the Biofouling Record Book should be available during Port State Control Inspections.

Contents of the Pack

  • Introduction and general requirements
  • Biofouling Management Plan
  • Biofouling Record Book

Indicative Contents

  • SECTION 1    Introduction
  • SECTION 2    Ships Biofouling
  • SECTION 3    Anti-Fouling Systems
  • SECTION 4    Disposal Of Biological Waste
  • SECTION 5    Ship Design And Construction
  • SECTION 6    Safety Procedures For The Ship And Crew
  • SECTION 7    Duties Of The Biofouling Management Officer
  • SECTION 8    Specific Requirements
  • SECTION 9    Crew Training And Familiarisation
  • APPENDIX    Examples Of Biofouling Risk Parameters
  • Bio-Fouling Posters
  • Bio-Fouling Management Record
  • Completed Forms Record
  • Receipts For Bio-Fouling Maintenance Operations

Info/Plans Required

  • Ship Specific Information (Questionnaire to be submitted)
  • General Arrangement Plan


  • Master will have a guidance with respect to disposal of biofouling waste
  • Procedures as per vessel specific arrangements
  • Detailed instructions and responsibilities
  • Updated with latest requirements and legislation
  • Easy record keeping in biofouling record book
  • Already inspected by most MoU’s PSC Officers / inspector surveyors and USCG officers in California region

We will Ensure

  • Full compliance with national and international regulations and common marine practice
  • Real life documentation addressed to senior officers and crew onboard
  • Full integration of any client specific requirements
  • Full support provided after development in line with our Document Support Policy

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