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An audit can apply to an entire organization or might be specific to a function, process, or production step.

Ensure compliance and conformance the inspection requirements choosing our Vessel Auditing Service!

Our approach

We carry out ship verification and certification as mandated by the ISM (International Safety Management) code, the ISPS (International Ship and Port Facility Security) code, and the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC), providing owners and operators with professional and cost-effective service.

During the time spend onboard, we ensure proper time assigned to inspections and audits, proper “climate” to carry out on the job observation and fully familiarization of all crew with the implementation requirements.

Verify preventive actions as a result of performance issues choosing our Office Auditing!

Our approach

We provide a highly innovative service where we benchmark your level of ashore compliance with other operators comprised of:

  • Office audit to the standards identified by the client
  • Identification of key strengths and weaknesses, including any high-risk areas
  • Recommendations for improvement


  • Ensure staff is familiar with procedures and practices
  • Ensure compliance with several standards and boost performance of staff ashore and onboard
  • Get a fresh 3rd party look on your processes