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A new Concentrated Inspection Campaign (CIC) on Stability in General has been announced jointly by several MoUs (Paris MoU, Tokyo MoU, Black Sea MoU, Indian MoU, Mediterranean, Riyadh and Vina del Mar MoUs), commencing from 1 September 2021 and ending 30 November 2021.


Aim of CIC

The aim and scope of this CIC is to ensure that stability systems onboard are installed, available and approved. In addition, that stability calculations for each voyage are carried out and documented adequately. As such, Master and responsible officers will be checked for familiarization and their knowledge of the loading systems provided on board, the use of stability software and documentation.


Previous Similar Campaign

During 2010, Paris MoU conducted a similar CIC on stability with main focus on IMO stability requirements for tankers. Following same practice, it can be assumed that the key items to be checked would be:

  1. Stability documentation (Stability Booklet/Loading manuals etc)
  2. Loading calculations (Loading computer and software/ Loading documents)
  3. Responsible officers’ familiarization with the above
  4. Ship Organization to respond to emergencies which require stability calculations (grounding/flooding/cargo list etc)


PSC Deficiency Codes applicable for CIC

The CIC will be included in the routine PSC inspections and responsible PSCO will be provided with the relevant CIC questionnaire, which is not published yet. The identified deficiencies will be reported to the official PSC report for each ship.

The PSC codes applicable for stability and loading issues are the following:


PSC Category Code Deficiency
Certificate & Documentation 01313 Booklet for bulk cargo loading/unloading/stowage
Certificate & Documentation 01316 Cargo information
Certificate & Documentation 01317 Cargo record book
Certificate & Documentation 01326 Stability Information Booklet
Structural Conditions 02102 Damage control plan
Structural Conditions 02103 Stability/strength/loading information and instruments
Structural Conditions 02134 Loading/Ballast condition
Water/Weathertight Conditions 03101 Overloading
Cargo operations including equipment 06109 Loading instrument
ISM Code 15107 Emergency preparedness
ISM Code 15150 ISM



Expected to be published within August 2021


Actions required

Ship managers should be prepared to address all items above as appropriate. Stability is related to many serious incidents due to incorrect ship loading conditions or missing intact stability documentation on board. Responsible officers should be trained to provide information on the stability calculations for current or upcoming voyage and be able to demonstrate the response.


How we may help

SQEMARINE provides guidance based on data from RiSK4SEA platform, in particular on findings by Paris and Tokyo MoU on possible deficiencies related to CIC. Additionally, a full best practice guidance will be provided in order to address the CIC questionnaire checklist, when published.


Code Deficiency
RiSK4SEA (Last 5 Years 2016-2020)
Paris  MoU Tokyo MoU
# Rank #
01313  Booklet for bulk cargo loading/unloading/stowage  38 346  17  397
01316  Cargo information  163  208  1,054  40
01317 Cargo record book 39 341 36 331
01326 Stability Information Booklet 93 259 227 145
02102 Damage control plan 89 264 390 95
02103 Stability/strength/loading information & instruments 164 206 11 449
02134 Loading/Ballast condition 7 483 20 395
03101 Overloading 49 319 15 418
06109 Loading instrument 3 580 5 513
15107 Emergency preparedness 2 583 70 259
15150 ISM 6,312 1 172 221