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Paris MoU announced that it will start to implement short targeted inspection campaigns referred as Focus Inspection Campaigns (FIC). Up to now, similar approach has been followed by AMSA which conducts Focus Inspection Campaigns on specific selected topics targeting specific Ship Types.


What is new?

This is an alternative approach of Concentrated Inspection Campaigns (CiC). Paris MoU conducted the first (trial) Focus Inspection Campaign during summer 2023 (10th July – 9th August), focusing on Pilot Transfer Arrangements. After completion of the trials, the results with regards to implementation and effectiveness will be assessed and, on this basis, further decisions will be made on inspection campaigns and their format.

Part of the trial also involves the assessment of whether or not to announce the inspection campaign in advance. In this respect, ships and operators MAY NOT be warned of the Focus Inspection Campaign


Results of Trial Focus Inspection Campaign

The purpose of the Campaign was to verify whether the Pilot Transfer Arrangements on board the ships inspected were fulfilling the SOLAS requirements. A number of 1,262 Port State Control inspections were carried out, during which 100 ships were found with one or more deficiencies with the Pilot Transfer Arrangements. Deficiencies found indicated that:

  1. when requested by Port State Control Officers to demonstrate, pilot ladders were not properly rigged to allow pilots to embark and disembark safely. On several occasions it was found that the weight of the ladder was not taken by its strongest point but, for example, by the steps;
  2. pilot ladders were damaged and/or not properly maintained;
  3. identification of ladders and record keeping of surveys and repairs were missing.


Actions required

Companies in order to address these new Focused Inspections, should:

  1. Notify their fleet in advance (in case the schedule of the Focus Inspection Campaign has been announced)
  2. If there is no announcement, use the experience of the first ship of their fleet which will be subject to inspection in Paris MoU Regime, and provide fleet wide information on the subject.
  3. Have their ships always prepared for upcoming Port State Control Inspections (PSCIs) irrespectively of Inspection Campaigns implementation or not.


How we may help

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