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We are providing open, in house, distance and licensed training courses fully tailored to corporate and industry needs, ensuring:

  • Update to latest legislation and best marine practice
  • Use of real life case studies and examples
  • Provision of a world class learning environment
  • Staying up to date after the completion of the training course
Training Courses for:
All SubcategoriesAll Vessel TypesAll Regulatory ReferencesAll Approvals
2013 EPA Vessel General Permit (VGP) CourseEnvironmental Courses185€
Advanced Security Awareness for Crew CourseSecurity & Anti-Piracy Courses250€
Anti-Piracy / Armed Robbery for Crew CourseSecurity & Anti-Piracy Courses250€
Auditor Refresh CourseRefresh Courses250€
Ballast Water Management (office staff) CourseEnvironmental Courses250€
Basic Security Awareness for Crew CourseSecurity & Anti-Piracy Courses250€
Casualty Investigation CourseRisk / Incident Courses250€
Company / Ship Security Officer CourseSecurity & Anti-Piracy Courses400€
Crew Management CourseOperational Courses250€
Crisis Management & Social Media Handling CourseRisk / Incident Courses250€
CSO Refresh CourseRefresh Courses250€
Cyber Security Awareness CourseSecurity & Anti-Piracy Courses250€
DPA CourseSMS Courses400€
DPA Refresh CourseRefresh Courses250€
Elementary First Aid CourseSTCW Basic Safety Courses250€
Energy Efficiency Awareness CourseEnvironmental Courses250€
Environmental Compliance CourseEnvironmental Courses400€
EU GDPR CourseBest Practice Courses250€
EU MRV Awareness CourseEnvironmental Courses250€
Experience Transfer Workshops CourseBest Practice Courses250€
Fire Fighting and Fire Prevention CourseSTCW Basic Safety Courses400€
ILO MLC Awareness CourseSMS Courses250€
Incident Investigation CourseRisk / Incident Courses250€
ISM Introductory CourseSMS Courses400€
ISO 14001 Awareness CourseQHSE Standards Courses250€
ISO 45001 Awareness CourseQHSE Standards Courses250€
ISO 50001 Awareness CourseQHSE Standards Courses250€
ISO 9001 Awareness CourseQHSE Standards Courses250€
Key Performance Indicators (KPI) CourseBest Practice Courses250€
Management of Change CourseTMSA / Vetting Courses250€
Marine Environmental Awareness CourseEnvironmental Courses400€
Maritime Auditor (ISM, ISPS, ISO, MLC Auditing) CourseSMS Courses400€
MLC Vessel Preparation & Audit CourseSMS Courses250€
Personal Safety and Social Responsibility CourseSTCW Basic Safety Courses250€
Personal Survival Techniques CourseSTCW Basic Safety Courses250€
Port State Control CourseOperational Courses250€
Risk Management CourseRisk / Incident Courses250€
Risk Management / Incident Investigation CourseRisk / Incident Courses400€
Root Cause Analysis CourseQHSE Standards Courses250€
Ship Safety Officer CourseOperational Courses400€
Soft Skills to enhance PSC Performance CourseBest Practice Courses250€
STCW 2010 CourseOperational Courses250€
STCW Basic Safety CourseSTCW Basic Safety Courses850€
Train The Trainer CourseOperational Courses400€